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It is said that Jerusalem is three times holy because it is the capital of the three branches of the monotheistic faith but I see all three of them in messianic and chronological crisis as time has run out and none can show a Messiah and now on top of that I hereby tell them that the city they call the city of the Messiah (Zion) is in the wrong place. The Hebrews don’t know who the Messiah is but they claim that he will come from the house of David and the Muslims claim that he will come from the house of Ishmael while Christendom falsified a claim in the name of Jesus through Mary which is invalid because she was a woman, and Joseph which was also invalid because he was a stepfather and not blood related. All three branches of the monotheistic faith are wrong on the identity of the Lord and the location of the capital sacred city. 
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Obama said that the U S will continue to lead the world but I wonder, in which world Obama lives? Father Bush gave-up that so-called leadership a while back and told his armed forces and nation that Europe would lead the world but that the U S would have an important role. At the time when father Bush was saying that, the Serbians were saying that Germany was leading Europe down a dark railway, and Otto Von Habsburg was establishing himself as the architect of the new Europe and was foretelling the future of the eastern European states that where former members or allies of the former Soviet bloc. Since Mr. Habsburg did not claim to have been a prophet I take it that he was saying that things would go according to what are in his blueprint. 
Now that the E U is an established reality and the head of Pan-Europe is his son and since Pan-Europe is the E U there is no doubt as to who is the so-called leader of the world. The point is proven by the fact that Obama has no world order initiative of his own and is only responding to the problems caused by the initiatives of those whom are the real leaders and he calls his allies as he is just chaff in the wind. 
The current world right-wing leadership is increasingly revealing its undemocratic nature as the rejection of, attacks against, and the overthrowing of democratically elected leftist governments the world over have become a rising trend. Europeans are seeing the silent overthrowing of their own democracy that they paid for in blood through the British and French revolutions as they are clandestinely back under the reigns of the House of Habsburg.
 Europeans and North Americans need to wake-up as the people they defeated in their revolutions are again ruling over them. The only viable way forward for Europeans and North Americans is a genuine world democratic partnership based on fraternity, equality and liberty in total transparency. To be deceived into supporting the agenda of conquering territories and resources by the style of ancient and defunct monarchies will only lead to incalculable destruction and disaster. 

How many persons can truly say that Jesus has personally told them something in an acceptable divine format? I know a man who has told me that Jesus has spoken to him about me in a vision in which he had seen may important things. I saw that man coming towards me that day I was in his woman's shop, he anxiously started talking from a distance before he had reached where I was, he came to me visibly moved as if he had seen a ghost and said to me in the presence of his woman that he had told her to take me seriously as a spiritually connected person. What had shaken Jahba , as my friend is called , so much ?
My understanding from the sacred scriptures placed into the Bible, is that God destroyed a corrupt world and founded a new one on the monarchy of Noah the foundation of the saints and all genuine royal monarchs. There is no doubt in my mind that in the time of father Noah it was clearly known who the creator of the heaven and Earth was distinctly from the Lordship of father Noah himself and those of other principalities of high rankings within the kingdom of the heavens and the Earth. I am sure that evidence can be found in the cultural and spiritual artifacts and scriptures of the earlier civilizations from which some of the biblical scriptures were translated and retranslated. It is obvious to me that at some point in time, probably at different points in time in each major civilization which developed from the descendants of Noah, the adoration of the creator as God and that of the major Lords in their rightful places became corrupted and the adoration of some of the Lords in the place of the Creator started taking place, early idolatry. It is clear from information from evidence from ancient Egypt that at some point or points in time the Egyptians had very sound and crystalized theology. Surprised, Jesus is not the founder of Christianity? The crystallization of men through the guarding of the light and the seeking of more and more knowledge has been a movement and probably many movements long before the birth of the man we now call Christ. Egyptians accurately fore told the exact point in time of the arrival of the Messiah and his true name Siriu (even though it is said that Jesus said that no man new the time) when the Earth would reach a certain point in its travel in space, that is knowledge in crystallization. No surprise that it was from a pyramid (in a vision) that I emerged with the Book of Crystal.



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